What is Bio-X Attendance

Bio-X Attendance is mobile-based attendance application. Attendance can be done by scanning the QR Code so that employees do not need to touch the attendance tool. This application also provides features for attendance with geo location media using GPS. This feature can be used by the employees who work outside from the office.

This application is intended for companies and their employees.

Bio-X Clock-in is used by the companies as a QR Code scanners for the employees. You can choose whether the employee’s attendance need to take a photo or not. The Bio-X Employee is used by the employees to generate a QR Code. This QR Code will be scanned by Bio-X Clock-in App. Bio-X Employee also can be used for attendance outside from office using GPS.

You can use this application for free. However, there are also special features available for users who upgrade their accounts to premium. Premium features including:

  • a. You can customized your organization need

  • b. Unlimited number of employees

  • c. Unlimited number of gates

  • d. Unlimited historical data

  • e. Technical support

Bio-X Clock-in and Bio-X Employee are available on iOS and Android. There is also a web admin application for companies to manage employee attendance data.

The main advantage of this application is that the attendance process can be done without touching the attendance device. This is useful to avoid the number of direct contact that cause the spread of viruses between the employees. Another advantage includes: free, offline mode scanning, export your attendance data, etc.

Several types of reports available including:

  • a. Recap of attendance data using QR Code

  • b. Recap of attendance data using GPS

  • c. Recap of attendance data with details of employee time in and out from the office

  • d. Employee overtime data recap

Stored attendance data is safe, because we use the latest encryption system where data can only be opened internally within the company.

  • a. First, download the Bio-X Employee application on the following link: Android, IOS

  • b. Register new account

  • c. Select shift and attendance status

  • d. Click Generate QR Code

  • e. Scan generated QR Code on the Bio-X Clock-in App

  • f. Your attendance process has been done.

  • a. First, download the Bio-X Clock In application on the following link: Android, IOS

  • b. Register your company (you can also register from website)

  • c. Click scanning menu

  • d. Select gate (or create gate if you don’t have any)

  • e. The camera is active and ready to scan the employee's QR Code

Currently the application provides 5 attendance status, including:

  • - In: Attendance status that shows when you come to work

  • - Out: Attendance status that shows the time out of work

  • - Lunch in: Attendance status indicating the start time of a break

  • - Lunch out: Attendance status that shows when the break is over

  • - Overtime: Attendance status that indicates your overtime work

There are 2 types of attendance methods, including:

  • a. Scan the QR Code

  • b. Using the GPS